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Weilberg Riesling GG*

The location:

The Ungsteiner Weilberg is one of the most traditional locations in the Palatinate. Almost 2000 years ago, Roman settlers founded a winery there and thus brought viticulture to the region. The heart of the Weilberg, which is also popularly known as "Red Earth", is unique in its kind. Not only the climatic favorable exposure of the vineyards, but above all the soil shape the wines growing here.


The floor:

In contrast to the otherwise predominant Buntsandstein, the Weilberg soil consists of clayey loam with a certain limestone content. The high hematite content (Fe2O3) produces a soil type that is also known as "Terra Rossa" (Red Earth). The intense red color of the soil, which is an indication of a particularly good supply of minerals, causes the special position of the almost 1 hectare heart of the Weilberg.


The wine:

Only the very best grapes were selected here by hand, gently pressed and fermented in a controlled manner over a period of several months. The terroir of the wine has been preserved thanks to aroma-protective aging and long storage on the yeast.

The WEILBERG is characterized by aromas of wild herbs, pineapple and sage. In addition, it also shows slightly spicy notes, such as white pepper. On the palate it is wonderfully fresh and mineral. Its stimulating nature and powerful, dense body testify to a wine with great potential.

  • Drinking temperature: 10-12 °C

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*"Großes Gewächs" according to estate classification

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