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The addition:

Pinot Noir is considered the diva among the red wine varieties with the highest demands on soil and vinification. Here the vines grow on deep loamy soil, which ensures that the plants are optimally cared for at all times. As in classic Burgundy, the high limestone content in the subsoil guarantees the highest degree of character and finesse.


The expansion:

Only fully ripe, healthy grapes were carefully selected by hand, freed from the stalk and fermented on the mash. After standing for two weeks, they were gently pressed.

After the malolactic fermentation, the wine was stored in wooden barrels for almost a year. Only large, traditional Palatinate casks (1200 l) were used. On the one hand, this has preserved the wine's natural cherry fruit, while at the same time making the wine rounder and more harmonious. It should definitely be drunk slightly chilled and is an ideal addition to any dining table.

Spätburgunder trocken

  • Dark Meat

  • Cheese

  • Wild

  • lamb

  • Drinking temperature: 15-17 °C

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