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Ungstein Roter Riesling "SP" trocken

The Story:

Grape variety approved for experimental cultivation. Official approval of the Red Riesling by the Federal Plant Variety Office probably in 2018. The Red Riesling is considered the archetype of the Riesling.

It all started with "Grandpa's Rebstock" in the garden of the Pfeffingen winery in Bad Dürkheim/Palatinate. Karl Fuhrmann fell under all the Riesling vines in one of his vineyards in the 1980s

a very special one: it was cut into two sheets, one carrying red grapes and the other white grapes. The winemaker made an offshoot of it, planted it in the garden of the Pfeffingen winery - and lo and behold - the vine bore red Riesling grapes. In 2011, the Pfeffingen winery had more vines propagated from this one vine, until a total of 800 vines could be planted in the Ungsteiner Herrenberg site in 2014. Red Riesling on red soil.

The wine:

The selected, fully ripe grapes are carefully sorted by hand, gently pressed and fermented under restraint. Extended aging on the lees for four months enables a particularly elegant balance between acidity, alcohol and sugar. The scent of the wine is characterized by aromas of wild herbs and spices. The body is characterized by classy minerality, strength and a lot of smoothness.


  • pork meat

  • veal

  • pies

  • crustaceans

  • Fish

  • Drinking temperature: 10-12 °C

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