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The grape varieties:

Healthy grapes of the Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc varieties are harvested by hand for this sparkling wine. The harvest took place before the grapes were fully ripe in order to preserve the freshness and acid structure for the later sparkling wine.


The production:

Our sparkling wine is made using the traditional champagne method (bottle fermentation). Following fermentation, the sparkling wine is stored on the yeast for 24 months. This makes the Mosseux (sparkling) finer and the sparkling wine has a creamier taste.


The champagne:

Our Pinot Sekt is characterized by an elegant nutty scent. The perlage is very fine and comes into its own in a sparkling wine glass with a mousse point. The sparkling wine should be served well chilled at 7-9 °Celsius.

Pinot Sekt brut

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  • Appetizer, sorbet

  • seafood

  • crustaceans

  • Drinking temperature: 7-9 °C

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