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Herrenberg Riesling GG*

The location:

The Herrenberg is one of the most famous and best locations in Mittelhaardt. Its special climatic position is based on the south-east orientation of the vineyards. In addition, it is located on the slopes of a hill parallel to the Palatinate Forest, which means that it escapes any influence of cold air. Perhaps the most interesting plot in Herrenberg is the "Mardelskopf". This ecological niche is protected by sandstone walls and hedges, which contribute to a very favorable microclimate. Thanks to this, Riesling grapes of the highest quality ripen here. "Mardelskopf" is an old cadastral name and refers to a wayside cross that used to be at this point. "Mardel" stands for the wayside cross and "head" means an elevation in the vineyard where the cross was located.


The floor:

In contrast to the Buntsandstein that is otherwise predominant on the Mittelhaardt, the Herrenberg soil consists of limestone with a loess-clay layer. This makes the wines from such a location unmistakable: mineral freshness, charming fruit play and a full body ensure the wines have a particularly long life.


The wine:

HERRENBERG Riesling GG has a delicate scent of apricots and peaches. On the palate, the wine is complex and powerful and demonstrates the typical Herrenberg minerality. The great complexity of aromas and the incredible length on the palate are signs of a truly great wine.

  • Drinking temperature: 10-12 °C

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*"Großes Gewächs" according to estate classification

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