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"We live wine."


The Pfeffingen winery

We run the Pfeffingen winery with a lot of heart and passion. Family is very important to us. Because only together can you achieve excellence. Three generations live and work on the estate in Pfeffingen, a small hamlet between Bad Dürkheim and Ungstein directly on the German Wine Route. In the heart of the Palatinate. Producing characterful, individual wines from 17 hectares of the best vineyards is what drives us. Wines where you can taste where they were grown. Wines that promise drinking pleasure and joy. The numerous positive reviews and the membership in the VDP. The predicate wineries confirm our actions. But even more important to us is the daily conversation with our customers. We specialize in fruity, mineral Rieslings, elegant Burgundies and colour-intensive, powerful red wines. Our aromatic Scheureben are particularly popular and are a real temptation both dry and sweet. Let yourself be inspired and get to know the secrets of Pfeffinger wines.


The makers of the Pfeffingen wines

Jan Eymael, Inhaber Weingut Pfeffingen

Jan Eymael

Dipl.-Ing. für Weinbau und Önologie

Passionate winemaker, profession as a vocation


After training as a winemaker, studying viticulture in Geisenheim and gaining practical experience abroad (California, Bordeaux, Australia), Jan Eymael took over the management of the Pfeffingen winery. Rooted in tradition, he is a pioneer, visionary and a quality fanatic down to the last detail. "We stand for individual, characterful wines that you "taste" where they grew."

Doris Eymael

Dipl.-Ing. für Weinbau und Önologie

Preserving tradition, being open to new things


"You can only inspire your customers if you are enthusiastic yourself," says the passionate specialist, who is happy to take care of the private customers of the Pfeffingen winery. Her great passion also applies to the vineyards, which she cultivates day in and day out with a group of women Manual work on the vine is an important factor for the quality of the wines at the Pfeffingen winery.

Doris Eymael, Seniorchefin Weingut Pfeffingen
Rainer Gabel, technischer Betriebsleiter Weingut Pfeffingen

Rainer Gabel

Dipl.-Ing. für Weinbau und Önologie

A man for all cases

The all-rounder Rainer Gabel has been working at the Pfeffingen winery since 1995 and, as a graduate engineer, makes a significant contribution to the success of the winery. "Due to the rounded top locations and the very good technical equipment, the Pfeffingen winery is an ideal basis for quality-oriented and economical work."


Winemaking tradition in the family

As early as 1622 the family was given todays family coat of arms with the legendary unicorn by the then emperor. Descendants of the family moved to the Palatinate, where they have been growing wine for around 250 years. On April 21, 1931, the Pfeffinger property was acquired. In 1952, Karl Fuhrmann and his wife Helene took over his father-in-laws winery and led it to the top of the Palatinate wine-growing business. Daughter Doris Eymael (née Fuhrmann) has managed the traditional family winery since 1991 and her son Jan since 2002.

History of Pfeffingen

Pfeffingen can be traced back to an Alemannic origin due to its word stem "ingen". It was a joint foundation by the Pfeffo clan, called Pfeffinger. Founded between 500 and 600 AD as a primitive settlement, Pfeffingen was the starting point for the settlement of the area. This also explains the immense importance that came to this settlement in the period that followed. Pfeffingen was not only the legal (place of justice, prison) and ecclesiastical center (mother church of St. Peter with three branch chapels and cemetery), but also the center of economic activity.


Memberships & Awards

VDP. Prädikatsweingut Weingut Pfeffingen
Gault&Millau, 4 von 5 Trauben, Weingut Pfeffingen
Eichelmann, Logo, Weingut Pfeffingen
Fair 'n Green, Logo, Weingut Pfeffingen
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