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Ungstein Scheurebe trocken

The grape variety:

As a cross between Riesling and bouquet grapes, the Scheurebe grape variety was developed in 1916 by Dr. Georg Scheu bred in Alzey. Its particular advantages in dessert winemaking (attractive bouquet, late ripening, good acidity structure) led to the grape variety spreading rapidly both nationally and internationally. The Pfeffingen winery has been enthusiastically dedicated to the Scheurebe for 50 years now. Along with Riesling, it is the most important grape variety and also shows its size in the dry area.


The floor:

The Scheurebe vineyard in the Pfeffingen family is located in an absolute top location, the Ungsteiner Herrenberg. The grape variety was deliberately planted there, as we know of the high demands placed on the location and soil. Only really very good locations, with a southern exposure and a strong, well-supplied soil ensure the optimal ripeness of the grapes.


The wine:

The selected, fully ripe grapes are carefully selected by hand, ground and left on the mash for a few hours. As a result, the flavorings are optimally released.

A fine grapefruit and lime aroma beguiles the senses. The complex body and its mineral nature inspire the palate and contribute to a perfect overall picture. A wonderful wine - to be enjoyed with food or as a soloist.

  • Fish dishes

  • Asian dishes

  • Strong cheese

  • Drinking temperature: 10-12 °C

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