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St Laurent (Synonyms: Saint Laurent, Pinot Saint Laurent, Laurenzitraube, Svatovavřinecké, Svätovavrinecké) is a highly aromatic dark grape variety of the Burgundy family and originally comes from France. The St. Laurent was created around the middle of the 19th century by the German pharmacist and wine-growing pioneer Johann Philip Bronner imported from France to Germany. From there, the grape variety spread to neighboring countries, where it is still relatively common in Austria. The name possibly comes from the fact that the first berries are ready to eat around Laurenzi Day (August 10).


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Only fully ripe, healthy grapes were carefully selected by hand, freed from the stalk and fermented openly on the mash in small vats. After standing for 10 days, they were gently pressed.

Following the malolactic fermentation, the wine was stored in Palatinate wooden barrels for nine months. The traditional barrel with a capacity of 1200 liters was used.


The wine has an intense aroma forest berries and black cherries and, as a light-footed, harmonious red wine, is a great accompaniment to food. 

St. Laurent trocken 

  • Dark Meat

  • Cheese

  • game dishes

  • lamb

  • Drinking temperature: 15-17 °C

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