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The location:

The "Herrenberg", from which the wine called "Kalkstein" comes, is certainly one of the most famous locations in Mittelhaardt. Its special climatic position is based on the south-east orientation of the vineyards. In addition, it is located on the slopes of a hill parallel to the Palatinate Forest, which means that it escapes any influence of cold air.


The floor:

Unser Winzersekt wird nach der traditionellen Champagner-Methode (Flaschengärung) hergestellt. Im Anschluß an die Gärung wird der Sekt für mind. 24 Monate auf der Hefe gelagert. Dadurch wird das Mosseux (die Perlung) feiner und der Sekt cremiger im Geschmack.


The wine:

The selected, fully ripe grapes are carefully picked by hand, gently pressed and fermented under restraint. Extended aging on the lees for four months enabled a particularly elegant balance between acidity, alcohol and sugar. 

Riesling Sekt brut

  • pork/veal

  • Fish & Crustaceans

  • poultry

  • pie

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