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Scheurebe "O" 2020

1 Liter
VAT Included |
  • Scheurebe "O" 2020 - dry - VDP.Individualist


    In 2019, winemaker Jan Eymael set himself the task of expanding the usual boundaries of the Scheurebe taste. He wanted to create a Scheurebe that had never existed before: a large, dry Scheurebe with individuality, density, flavor and enormous potential for the future. A Scheurebe that at the same time does not deny its origin and variety. This gave rise to the idea of a new prestige Scheurebe.

    What's special about it? For several years, the Pfeffingen winery has been working on an experimental scale with mash fermentation, which is unusual for white wine. In addition, there is a wealth of experience with the expansion of Scheurebe in wooden barrels. Both aging methods were used with this wine in order to expand Scheurebe's taste profile beyond the normal limits.

    The first reaction to this wine was an incredulous "Oh!" The name of the wine was born: Scheurebe *O*


    To the virtual WINE TASTING with Dr. Steffen Michler >


    for 0.75 liters    (56_cc781905-5cde-3193_bb3cf-liter)Euro

    12.5% Vol. - contains sulphites.

  • 3-5 workdays

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