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Flaschenabbildung Kalkstein Riesling

Kalkstein Riesling trocken

The location:

The "Herrenberg", from which the wine called "Kalkstein" comes, is certainly one of the most famous locations in Mittelhaardt. Its special climatic position is based on the south-east orientation of the vineyards. In addition, it is located on the slopes of a hill parallel to the Palatinate Forest, which means that it escapes any influence of cold air.


The floor:

In contrast to the otherwise predominant Buntsandstein, the soil of the Herrenberg consists of loess clay with a high limestone content. The "limestone" that gives the wine its name makes the wines from such a location unmistakable: mineral freshness, charming fruit play and a strong body ensure the wines have a particularly long life.


The wine:

The selected, fully ripe grapes are carefully picked by hand, gently pressed and fermented under restraint. Extended aging on the lees for four months enabled a particularly elegant balance between acidity, alcohol and sugar.

The scent of the wine is characterized by aromas of ripe apricots and peaches. The body is characterized by classy minerality, strength and a lot of smoothness.

Symbol Essensempfehlung
  • pork/veal

  • Fish, Crustaceans

  • Poultry

  • Pie

  • Drinking temperature: 12-13 °C

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