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Ungstein Gewürztraminer trocken

The grape variety:

The Gewürztraminer, a synonym for Red Traminer, is one of the most traditional grape varieties in the Palatinate and has very high demands on location and soil. If you do justice to this, the wines inspire with a fine, spicy aroma reminiscent of roses and a great minerality.


The location:

This Gewürztraminer comes from the best locations in the wine village of Ungstein. It grew on warm, fertile sandy soil, which is characterized by its lime content. Thanks to the limestone layers, the Ungsteiner wines are very mineral and long-lived, but they also need some time to develop.


The expansion:

Only the best grapes are selected by hand for this special Gewürztraminer. A maximum of aroma and complexity can be achieved by harvesting late. In order to achieve a complete release of the aromatic substances from the berry skin, the grapes are gently ground and then subjected to a maceration of several hours. The fermentation took place in modern stainless steel tanks at temperatures of 18° Celsius.


The wine:

The Gewürztraminer dry shows a fine bouquet of roses in the fragrance. It is complex, powerful and harmonious and inspires with its wonderful minerality.

  • Asian dishes

  • Seafood

  • Fish

  • Strong cheese

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